Uniform Criminal Complaint Program

The Uniform Criminal Complaint program allows Police Officers to draft a Criminal Complaint, spell check it and print the complaint itself and the text that forms the body of the complaint on plain white paper. This saves time and quickly and accurately prepares criminal complaints. 



This software streamlines the creation of criminal complaints and allows Officers to start with a template of the alleged charge and modify it only where needed to sspeed up the entry process. It also incorporated spell checking and enters things like the defendants name in all the necessary spaces to avoid duplicate entry or typing the same name twice. Like all of our software, it is a free download and you can try the actual software on your computer to be sure it meets your needs.

The program stores the complaints that are entered and they can be recalled later and updated, modified, corrected or re-printed as necessary. Complaints can be generated quickly and efficiently and additional charges added to a new complaint without re-typing all of the information on the new complaint.

This software is designed by and intended for use by Law Enforcement professionals and is updated yearly to reflect the current laws (updates are provided at an additional cost)