Software for Law Enforcement

Uniform Criminal Complaint Program

The Uniform Criminal Complaint program allows Police Officers to draft a Criminal Complaint, spell check it and print the complaint itself and the text that forms the body of the complaint on plain white paper. This saves time and quickly and accurately prepares criminal complaints. 


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Digital Police Reports for Officers

 We digitize YOUR Police reports You can prepare them anywhere even from a Thumb drive! This benefits your department's professional image and is used by every officer with no annual maintenance fees or hidden costs! 


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Traffic Stop Study now includes Pedestrian Stops

 Compile and analyze your Illinois Traffic Stop Study data You can enter and evaluate your data then send it directly to IDOT through the Internet seamlessly as well as graph the data in real time! Charts are provided for each officer and the Department overall.


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We do that by providing software that works the way THEY want it to and does not require a manual or book of instructions to operate. Most of our software does not even require you to read instructions in order to use it! Try it and see for yourself. . .