Digital Police Reports for Officers

 We digitize YOUR Police reports You can prepare them anywhere even from a Thumb drive! This benefits your department's professional image and is used by every officer with no annual maintenance fees or hidden costs! 



Imagine adding something to your budget that has no update costs, no maintenance costs and immediately benefits every officer on the department. I know it sounds impossible but that is what Chiefs are doing when they have Datacom automate their Police reports. For a one-time fee, the department gets their actual police reports digitized so the computer prints the actual report and the data the officer types in on plain white paper. The data is spell checked as the officer types it in avoiding embarrassing mistakes.

We just released a standardized Police Report for smaller departments that do not want to spend the money to have their actual report digitized. By adopting a standardized report, there is an up-front savings to the department. We will also automate YOUR report and make the screen identical to your actual police reports for a nominal one time fee. These are not scans of your reports but computer aided design duplicates of your actual reports that print razor sharp each and every time.

Our software can even generate your report from a thumb drive, so an officer in the field, or at court can genterate a police report or work on their report while away from the station.

Download a demo copy to your computer and try them yourself  (trial is free) and let us know if we can duplicate your actual report. 

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